“Yes! Keep Our Groceries Tax Free” Initiative Filed

LAKE OSWEGO, OREGON: With multiple efforts emerging again to tax Oregon groceries, an initiative has been filed with the Oregon Secretary of State to keep Oregon groceries Tax Free.

Said “Yes! Keep Our Groceries Tax Free” Committee Co-Chief Petitioner Ron Brake,

“Since statehood, Oregon has wisely kept the sale of groceries tax free. Now, even with the overwhelming defeat of Measure 97 last fall, multiple efforts are emerging to tax our groceries.  Since the politicians can’t take the voters’ “NO” for an answer, it’s time to once-and-for-all pass a ballot measure to keep Oregon groceries Tax Free.”

The organizing committee “Yes! Keep Our Groceries Tax Free” filed the single-page initiative that would keep tax free groceries defined as “any raw or processed food or beverage meant for human consumption. Groceries does not mean alcoholic beverages, cannabis products, or tobacco products.” Committee Co- Chief Petitioners Syd Hannigan and Ron Brake are both long-time activists fighting systemic hunger in Oregon and past members of the Northwest Grocery Association (NWGA). NWGA and its members have contributed initial funding for the effort.

Continued “Yes! Keep Our Groceries Tax Free” Co-Chief Petitioner Syd Hannigan,

                “Access to food is a basic need for every Oregonian. Keeping the price of groceries as low as possible improves the access to food. Taxing the sale of groceries especially hurts low and fixed income Oregonians. That’s why we need voters to say as loudly as possible – Yes! Keep Our Groceries Tax Free!”

The organization will begin to gather the 1,000 signatures of Oregon registered voters necessary to have  State agencies approve ballot title and description language.  Once approved, the Committee has until July 2018 to gather the needed 117,578 signatures of registered voters to appear on the November 2018 general election ballot.

Concluded Co-Chief Petitioner Ron Brake,

“Oregon voters have time and again rejected a tax on grocery sales. Our polling shows voters are overwhelmingly against taxing groceries and in favor of our measure to ensure our groceries remain tax free. We’re confident that when given the choice, Oregon voters will clearly and overwhelmingly say Yes! Keep Our Groceries Tax Free!”